Specifications Of iPhone 8


iPhone launched a new phone in 2017 called the iPhone 8, which is the best phone. Now this phone has become old, but its name is still present in the hearts of people. It is available between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 150 lakh, depending on the budget. It’s still selling, but its new phone-like performance is no more because iPhone users switch to new phones every year and it has old technology.


In terms of design, it is a medium-sized phone with a fingerprint sensor on the front and a single camera on the back. And with this flashlight, this very beautiful-looking iPhone is still being sold on the market. It is available in about three or four colors and has two sizes: one is the iPhone 8, and the other is the iPhone 8 Pro, which is a medium size.


If we talk about the performance, it is a little slower than the test version of Today. Because this is a phone that was release in 2017, at that time they did not have such high technology in them, which is present in today’s phones, but the iPhone is a fast-testing mobile phone. Which is different from every company and is the world’s number one brand, you can also use iPhone Futures with ease.


1Price101000 Pkr
2Launch Date9-12-2017
5Display 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm
6Front Camera 7MP
7Back Camera12MP
8Battery 1821mAh
9Color Silver, Space Grey, Gold, Red
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