Important MCQs in National Highway and Motorway Police

Important MCQs
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🌟 Which of the following mountain ranges is located in the south of Pakistan?

🌟 Pakistan was inevitable a book was written by?
Seyd Hassan Riaz

🌟 The Olympic rings were publicly presented for the first time in?

🌟 Who were Haroot and Maroot?

🌟 The SuezCanall connects the?
Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea

🌟 Who was called a ‘Man of Destiny’?
Napoleon Bonaparte

🌟 Ping-pong diplomacy between China and the USS started in which decade?

National Highway and Motorway Police 👮🏻 

Last date for jobs:  May 31, 2024

Below are the questions and their answers.

1: We applied online; now, from where can we download the roll number slip? 

Answer: Candidates who applied as Junior Patrol Officers in Motorway Police are informed that their physical medical test slips have been started to be dispatched to the following address given by the candidate through the Pakistan Post Office. Receive your slip from your respective post office within two days. Thank you 

2: We applied to LDC and UDC, Assistant and Photographer; where will we get the same slip? 

Answer: If you apply for any job on the National Job Portal, you will receive the slip through the post office at the address given below. 
Your test slip will be sent to the same address as you have written in your CV on the National Job Portal. 

3: What should we do if we do not receive the slip? 

Answer: You will get the slip. If, for some reason, it is not received, it means there is no post office in your area. Then contact your respective GPO office, and you will get it from there. 

4: We do not have a license; will our application be done?

Answer: Remember, the post of Junior Patrol Officer is like Traffic Warden, in which your duty will be on any motorway across Pakistan.
You may be given a car by the office. You may be given a bike. You must have a national license in advance. 
Candidates who do not have a license should get a learning license from the nearest service center today. 
Make at least one category of license mandatory. A car, a bike 
The test for all of you will be done. In the end, the license for number 10 will be taken for the vehicle and the bike. 
Whoever does not have a license will be dropped from the merit list. 
Create your license instantly. 

5: Will we have to do race 🏃 for su- post-UDC, LDCC, etc.? 

no answer. The race is only for the uniform post. 
There are only two uniform posts in the recruitment of the Motorway Police; one is a constable, and the other is a junior patrolling officer. Your medical and physical tests will be conducted only for these posts. 

Apart from them, all other UDCLDC Assistant Photographer Paramedical Staff in this post will be subjected to a written test. And there will be typing tests, etc., in the related field in the interview. 
Note that there are no license terms for these posts. 

6: Can we go to another center and give your physical test? 

Answer: The slip you will receive from the post office will contain your roll number your details, etc. It will be from the same center, and you will not be considered eligible for any other center. 

7: Who should bring which documents on the test day? 

Answer: This is written in the instructions for the slips you are receiving. 
Do not bring any mobile phones, watches, or any extra documents. 
Only this national identity card and roll number slip should be brought. 
Also, there is no extra centerfire.

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